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what does hanging fire mean

Hang Fire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The title expression "hang fire", (by formal definition) means to do nothing, to delay, wait, hold back, or hesitate. But in more casual, slang use, "hang fire" means .

What does "hang fire" mean? | "hang fire" meaning
Delay, as in The advertising campaign is hanging fire until they decide how much to spend on it. This expression originally referred to the 17th-century flintlock .

Hanging Fire Analysis Audre Lorde : Summary Explanation Meaning ...
the meaning of the title is that Hanging Fire is when the fuse of a cannon is lit, but does not immediately go off. It's like the fire has stopped for just a second .

Hanging fire what does the title of the poem mean
Hanging fire what does the title of the poem mean? Answer It! . What does the poem fire and ice mean? . What was the theme to the poem Hanging Fire?

Hanging Fire
Hi, What does this idiom mean and how do we use it in a sentence and in what contexts? "hanging fire" Thanks.

hanging fire - definition of hanging fire by the Free Online Dictionary ...
Information about hanging fire in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. . To constitute a coherent totality: diverse plot lines that did not hang together. . b. to perceive the meaning or significance of See also hang about, hang .

hang fire - definition of hang fire by the Free Online Dictionary ...
Meaning of hang fire. . Information about hang fire in the free online English dictionary and . Computer Science To be halted, as a computer system, so that input devices do not function: The power surge caused my computer to hang, so I .

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Apr 24, 2007 . In Reply to: Re: Hang fire posted by Victoria S Dennis on March 29, 2007 . I don' t understand how the meaning of the phrase can be attributed .

Expressions & Sayings (H)
Hang fire - delay; hold back, hesitate. A gunnery . Although a trick is usually a prank or crafty device it can mean, as here, a clever expedient or piece of skill.

Analysis and comments on Hanging Fire - A poem by Audre Lorde ...
Apr 26, 2010 . good with the title of "hanging fire" because i get the feeling she's like . it says " momma's in the bedroom with the door closed" I think that means . and when she does come finally decide to come home she is either a drunk .

Nvidia's line of Fermi GPUs is hanging fire - The Inquirer
Feb 5, 2010 . The center of the Sample is completely grey meaning that the AF is . more power than the PCI can possibly give it, and blows fire out of its ass.

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