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period every 26 days

Having period every other week that last 5-6 days for about 4 ...
Having period every other week that last 5-6 days for about 4 months? Had a baby 8 months ago had period from Jan,- march .

Pinpointing the Signs of Perimenopause - Menopause - Everyday ...
Jul 20, 2011 . Learn to recognize the signs of perimenopause, the period leading up to . shorter intervals between cycles (every 24 to 26 days instead of .

What's a normal menstrual cycle?
If you have a regular 28-day cycle you will start your period every four weeks. If you have a 22-day cycle you'll have a period about every three weeks.

Period's late, but negative home pregnancy test: Could I be ...
I have my period every 26 days and have never been more than a day or two late . Any advise? I do have a dr appt tomorrow but this is driving .

Do periods start 28 days before or 28 days after your last period
Some cycles may be 26 days or 30 days or so in length, in which case the last day of . Do you have your period every 28 days from the first day of your period?

Is it Harder to Get Pregnant with Irregular Periods?
It's important to understand, as well, that not every woman's period is exactly 28 days. Some women have regular periods every 30 days, or every 26 days.

Abnormal Bleeding
Normal Bleeding. Occurs approximately once a month (every 26 to 35 days). Lasts a limited period of time (3 to 7 days). May be heavy for part of the period, but .

Most Fertile - Predicting Ovulation - Fertility
Apr 30, 2010 . In general, research has shown that for most women who consistently have periods every 26-32 days, conception is most likely to occur during .

Menopause Forum - period every 2 weeks (age 48)
Mine periods started to change last year - coming every 25 or 26 days instead of 28 - and every once in a while it would be about 35 days .

Homeopathy: What Every Woman Needs to Know About Her Flow!
Is it hard to know, when you spot, or skip a period, or bleed unusually heavily if . is in her optimal state of well-being, she menstruates every 26 or 30 days.

Can a Woman Become Pregnant During Her Period?
Jan 6, 2012 . Most women have periods that last from two days to eight days and take place every 26 to 34 days. Ovulation (when an egg is released from .

Written by Malcolm Tatum