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debate makah whaling controversy

Whaling incident sparks environmental debate | Seattle News ...
Sep 9, 2007 . Critics against whale hunting are chiming in on the recent whaling incident involving the Makah tribe. The incident comes at a time when the .

Makah Whaling - the Free Online Encyclopedia of ...
Feb 26, 2003 . The Makah, whose whaling tradition dates back thousands of years, are the only tribe in the . The decision ignited worldwide controversy.

Debate: Whaling - Debatepedia
Mar 26, 2010 . The hunting of whales by man is probably thousands of years old, but it . appear to have recovered, although the extent of this is controversial. . groups, including Faroese islanders of the North Atlantic, the Makah people of .

Whaling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Japan's scientific whaling program is controversial in anti-whaling countries. . The Makah tribe in Washington State also reinstated whaling in 1999, despite . Key elements of the debate over whaling include sustainability, ownership, .

The Makah Whale Hunt - ExploreNorth
Oct 1, 1998 . The success of this extremely controversial hunt in Washington may have . The Makah Whaling Commission is determined to start the hunt as soon . mammals sustainably," but all sides of the debate are presented on their .

The Makah Whale Hunt and Leviathan's Death
whaling became highly controversial. . controversy surrounding the Makah's . the arguments in the debate over the Makah whale hunting rights focused on .

Whales on the Net - Action Alert - Makah Whaling
To today the Makah Trible have only killed 1 whale . decision to allow the Makah to hunt these whales has remained controversial among commission members. . The debate over the Makah whale hunt is a fierce one - a debate that has torn .

Makah whaling sparks debate | The Daily
Oct 12, 1998 . DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML//EN" Makah whaling sparks debate #include virtual="/html/macros/" Monday, .

Makah Case Study
T.T. Waterman also describes Makah whaling in detail in his 1920 The Whaling Equipment of the Makah Indians. . The Lawsuits Extend the Debate . racial stereotyping and racism in rhetoric and action in the Makah whaling controversy.

LESSON PLAN - Contemporary Issues/ Makah Whaling EALRS ...
rights and successfully completed a whale hunt. The controversial decision was the topic for heated debates, discussions, etc. in the world arena. CULTURE .

The Makah Whale Hunt and Leviathan's Death:
controversy surrounding the Makah's intention to resume whaling: 'For many, the . the arguments in the debate over the Makah whale hunting rights focused on .

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