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5th year veterans reward

Vet Rewards: 4th-year, 5th-year, and a skill cap increase!
Sep 27, 2002 . [This document notes significant updates of the previously noted 4th- and 5th- year Veteran Rewards concepts, and as such supercedes any .

Veteran Rewards - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia
At the 60 month mark, an account is credited with 1 additional reward choice and can choose any preceding year reward or .

Fire Gargish Robe - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia
Feb 16, 2012 . A 5th year Veteran Reward, the Fire Gargish Robe gives +3% physical resistance to the wearer. In order to equip, your character must be a .

Ankh Of Sacrifice - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia
Jul 30, 2011 . Unlike the 5th year veteran reward Decorative Stone Ankh which is a purely decorative item, the Ankh of Sacrifice allows any player (blues and .

Guide to EverQuest Veteran Rewards
Veteran Rewards are special items awarded to players based on the amount of time they have been subscribed . 5th year - Steadfast Servant: .

Veteran Reward - EQ2i, the EverQuest 2 Wiki - Quests, guides ...
Veteran Rewards are in-game /claimable items. There are several sets, with each . 3x Wand of Forgiveness. 7 Years (2555), a blood-written contract .

Player reward - SWG Wiki, the Star Wars Galaxies wiki
Player rewards are items or skills that are given to in-game characters for things that players do i. . 4.1 SWG 1-Year Anniversary; 4.2 SWG 2-Year Anniversary; 4.3 SWG 3-Year Anniversary; 4.4 SWG . Happy 5th Anniversary . Veteran rewards are items given to players that keep an active acount for certain period of time.

Veteran Rewards - Oblivion Reloaded :: UO Shard
Red 4 Years Veteran Statue Blue 4 Years Veteran Statue. 60 Month Rewards Old School Fire Ethy Steed Old School Fire Ethy Ostard Oblivion 5th Year Banner - .

Veteran Rewards - Fanra's EverQuest Wiki
Apr 26, 2011 . The current Veteran Rewards with their descriptions and reuse timers are . 5th year -- Steadfast Servant: Summons a faithful servant that casts .

GE Global Research Teams with for 5th Year ...
Oct 10, 2011 . GE Global Research Re-Joins with for 5th Year . to seek the brightest Military veterans and reward them with a career of a .

UO Dye Tubs - Ultima Online Dye Tubs Item For Sale - Buy Items ...
An ultima online Metallic Dye Tub, Metallic Dye Tub Price: $6.99. Dye metal items special hues with this 5th year veteran reward! Anyone can use the Metallic .

Written by Malcolm Tatum